Andromedans Lost in Space

One of our favourite songs … captured on virtual canvas … realized by one of our best buddys … for all time to come … cheers, Simon! … from now on you’re a honorary Andromedan … Double Click … dig it!

Alien Space Night, Nov 29th, 2014!!!

Earthlings! We are quite excited to announce our next cacophonic experiment. There will be an extraordinary night on November 29th at Pengland/Mainz: Alien Space Night. In the course of that georgeous event which is embedded in a multi-faceted exhibition, the X Days (, there will be the following line-up:

ALIENS PROJECT (Electronic Soundscapes)
ANDROMEDANS (Alien Soundscapes)
SERAPHIM ORPHANS (Psychedelic Soundscapes)

Join us! Let’s get mindfucked! Let’s get alienated!

Andromedans second cacophonic assassination on Earth

Saturday, June 14, 2014, 10 p.m./2200h, Pengland

Our second cacophonic happening down here on your cozy home planet is up to come … Expect a cosmic conference together with some cool artists at the LautKlangKunstFestival at Pengland in Mainz.
Be around – and don’t forget:

Let’s get alienated!

Andromedans’ first cacophonic assassination on Earth

Saturday, April 30, 2014, 9 p.m./2100 h, Hafeneck

After they sent us packing on Alpha Eridani VII, threatened us with the loony bin on Beteigeuze XIV, and finally tared and feathered us in the asteroid belt colonies we are very excited to announce our first cacophonic happening on your home planet you call Earth! Which is to say that on April 30 in 2014 we will install our alien technological devices in the legendary tavern “Hafeneck” which is situated in the German city of Mainz, also known as the golden city. We highly recommend your attendance at this ground breaking, earth quaking, and bone shaking event because we don’t know if there will be a second chance. Yes! Maybe we will be accused of musical blasphemy, transgalactical heresy, and severe intimidation of good taste and be sentenced to another 3000 years of drudgery in a penal camp in the outer rims of the Milky Way galaxy!

Or a dead short in our equipment will send us all to hell (which is an interesting place on Perseus II, but that’s another story …) Thus, come around and …